Rectangular bar with symmetric edge notches, axial load

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Stress concentration factor (SCF) for a rectangular bar with a symmetric notches, subjected to axial load \(F\), thickness \(h\), width \(w\), hole radius \(r\), net width \(d=w-2r\).
\(K_t\) is calculated so that the max. von Mises stress can be calculated as \( \sigma^\prime = K_t F / [d h] \).

Enter \(w/d\) :   
Enter \(r/d\) :    
\(K_t\) = 5.2    

In this site, \(K_t\) is calculated by a response surface that has been adjusted to 32 data points spanning the domain \(w/d=[1.05,1.5]\), \(r/d=[0.025,0.3]\), as shown below.

SCF in a rectangular bar with symmetric edge notches, axial load

The 32 data points have been calculated automatically by 96+ Abaqus simulations using a parameterized (Python) script. The number of simulations is 3X the number of data points because computing \(K_t\) for each pair \([w/d,r/d]\) requires 3+ simulations to achive a solution with less than 1% error, by invoking automatic adaptive mesh refinement for each data point within the script. Red dots are data points. A few are hidden right below the blue surface.

You can learn how to produce similar simulations here [link to be provided].